AAP, BJP Launch Poll Campaign in Himachal Pradesh: Will Grand Old Party be Left Behind?

Setting aside murmurs of factionalism in the party between supporters of Jai Ram Thakur (left) and ex-CM Dhumal, BJP has confirmed it’ll fight the 2022 elections with Thakur as the CM candidate. Source: Facebook
Horticulture is a key source of income for farmers from Himachal Pradesh. Demands for an MSP for apples have been raised after the volatility of prices fetched for the produce. Source: Flikr | sandeepachetan.com
Congress stalwart and Ex-CM Virbhadra Singh’s (right) demise in 2021 has left a power vacuum in the Indian National Congress. After the party’s victory in 2021 bypolls, several of its leaders are vying to be projected as the CM candidate in the upcoming elections. Virbhadra’s son (left) and wife have also launched their political careers. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Himachal Pradesh recorded its highest ever voter turnout in Assembly elections: 74.61 percent as compared to 73.51% in the 2012 assembly elections. The turnout broke the previous record set in 2003: 74.51 percent. Men accounted for 50.74 percent of the voters, women made up 49.26 percent. Source: Wikimedia Commons
More women exercised their franchise than men in Himachal Pradesh which recorded its highest turnout in Assembly polls of 2017 at 74.61 percent, according to official figures. Source: Wikimedia Commons
Muslim Population in Himachal Pradesh is 1.50 Lakhs (2.18 percent) of total 68.65 Lakhs according to the 2011 census. Chamba district has one of the highest concentrations of muslims accounting for 6.25% of the district’s total population. Source: Wikimedia Commons



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