UP 2022: Alliances, Yatras, Promises, Caste Engineering

Voters in queue in Baghpat Uttar Pradesh during the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections. A landslide BJP victory in Uttar Pradesh would also increase the likelihood of the ruling party winning next year’s presidential election.| Source: Wikimedia Commons
A former stronghold of the INC, the BJP now holds the reins in Amethi.| Source: Wikimedia Commons
The Panchayat Elections conducted in early 2021 clearly saw the Samajwadi Party emerging as the principal opposition party in Uttar Pradesh.| Source: Wikimedia Commons | Flikr: Al Jazeera English
Current chief minister Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister Modi inaugurating the new metro line. A number of BJP leaders are scheduled to visit the state in November 2021 to either address rallies or inaugurate events.
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Unemployment in Uttar Pradesh causing discontent amongst the youth is likely to affect the BJP’s rule in the state.| Source: Wikimedia Commons



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